Mama Makes Swatch Mate



The Mama Makes Swatch Mate will be your new best friend when it comes to trying out your new pens and pencils! This acrylic tool will allow you to draw squares, rectangles and circles to swatch out your different colours and blends.
Need to remember that 3 pen blend you aced with your alcohol markers? Split the circle into 3 with our handy guides etched into the acrylic and scribble down the colours so you remember them.

Want to write down which number the colour is you have used? Use the handy lines etched into the acrylic to line up your edge and draw a top to your box that you can write in.

Got 8 pens to swatch? No problem! We’ve done the maths so you can split the circle into 8 segments too.

Why not use the shapes as trackers in your bullet journal too?

But that’s not all! There’s also a ruler at the side which measures the dots in a standard dot grid notebook.

It also comes with an A5 self adhesive storage pocket to stick into your journal, so you’ll always have somewhere to keep your Swatch Mate safe!

Made of acrylic, in the UK. Invented by Loti Maria and her husband Esteban.



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