Mama Makes Rotate Mate Acrylic Tool for Stamping Platforms



Tool to be used in any stamping platform that has a foam mat. Stamping platform NOT included. 

Introducing the Rotate Mate System, your new go-to tool system designed for the everyday maker seeking simplicity and precision in stamping. Crafted from durable clear acrylic, this revolutionary tool simplifies and elevates your creativity with clear stamps.

Say goodbye to the hassle of aligning card stock — the Rotate Mate System makes stamping quick, clever, and efficient. Its innovative design makes rotational stamping using the stamping platform effortless, while the additional attachments seamlessly integrate with the Rotate Mate base, unlocking even more creative techniques.

The Rotate Mate base will also help with perfect matting and layering from 6 inches to 3 inches in 1/4” increments, making apertures in card stock a breeze. Cutting card perfectly first time with the trimming guide will mean you will save card, time and money!

From crafting wreaths to layering stamps and aligning stencils, the possibilities are endless. With each rotation, you’ll experience consistent results with minimal effort and maximum creativity. Get ready to discover a whole new world of crafty techniques!

1 review for Mama Makes Rotate Mate Acrylic Tool for Stamping Platforms

  1. Alison Markham

    I have to say the Rotate Mate is the best system that I have used to create wreath style cards, so simple and easy to use. I’ve used mylar ones before and have always ended up with the card slipping under or over it. The depth of acrylic in the Rotate Mate prevents this.

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Acrylic tool only. Stamping platform not included.