Mama Makes – Birthday Gift Wrap Kit




Say goodbye to ordinary birthday gift wrap. Elevate your presents with our Birthday Clear Stamp Kit, and witness the delight on your loved ones faces as they receive beautifully wrapped gifts that showcase your thoughtfulness.

Our Clear Stamp Kit includes a delightful assortment of birthday themed stamps, featuring balloons, candles, cakes, party hats, and more. Each stamp is made in the UK from high-quality photopolymer, ensuring precise positioning and alignment on any gift wrap surface.

With this kit, you can bid farewell to generic gift tags and boring gift wrap designs. Whether you’re wrapping a small surprise or a grand gesture, our clear stamps offer that personal handmade touch.

The kit includes a clear acrylic block, designed for easy handling and perfect control while stamping. The block provides a sturdy and stable platform for your stamps, allowing you to achieve flawless impressions every time. With its transparent nature, the block ensures accurate placement, resulting in professional-looking designs that will amaze the birthday boy or girl.

To complement your stamping experience, we’ve also included a high-quality ink pad, colours may vary. The ink pads are formulated to deliver crisp and long-lasting impressions, ensuring your gift wrap designs stand out from the crowd. The ink is quick-drying, preventing smudges and allowing you to wrap your gifts with confidence.

Not limited to gift wrap alone, our Birthday Stamp Kit is also suitable for decorating birthday cards, party invitations, envelopes, and more. Let your imagination run wild and explore the countless ways you can add a personal touch to your birthday celebrations.


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