Mama Makes – AcryliTabs (Set of 4)


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Introducing AcryliTabs! ✨

The Mama Makes AcryliTabs are the perfect storage solution for your A6 stamp sets. Made from high quality clear acrylic, this storage system is the perfect way to keep your stamps, safe, dust free and together. The tabs at the top alternate sides so you can easily flick through your stamp stash.

Once the stamps are stored onto the acrylic, they can be easily cleaned as you can scrub the ink from your stamps without them slipping and sliding on packaging sheets. You could also use the AcryliTab as a giant acrylic block for bulk stamping and batch making!

Why not up your storage game by grabbing inkjet transparent printable sticker sheets and popping them on so you know exactly where the stamps go and if there are any missing.

The AcryliTabs fit perfectly in plastic storage boxes or even some storage binders on the market.


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Set of four acrylic tabbed storage plates.