Zutter Bind It All Review

For my birthday, my mother in law bought me a Zutter bind it all, something she bragged about last year. I actually asked for one after seeing some impressive results on Pinterest and finally I’ve had the time to give it a go.

I actually took my time trying this one out as I wanted my partner to help me with it because it looked overly complicated.. Turns out it’s not and I felt very stupid!
The machine itself punches the holes and then when you threaded the wire through it squashed it together so the pages don’t fall out.. Simple as that really.
The key to using the Zutter bind it all however is the size of the paper/card you cut, if you don’t get it right you could half punch and end like this.. Which could cause problems/pages falling out etc.
Overall I was pretty impressed with the results and it gave a real professional touch to the notebooks for the upcoming craft fair!