You are my sunshine – Natalie Bowers

Hello again!

It’s me, Natalie, back with a new card featuring a lovely image from
the Mama Makes Forever Memories stamp set. The idea for this card came from
the stamp itself – as soon as I read the sentiment, I knew I had to make a yellow
sun on a blue background, and, of course, I had to make it sparkle!

To create this card, you will need:

Mama Makes Forever Memories

Ranger Archival Ink – Vermillion
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens – Teacup and Moonlight

circle die

Nuvo Shimmer Powders – Solar Flare and Catherine Wheel
Metallic gold watercolour paint

5 x 5 inch white card blank
mixed media or watercolour paper

blue ribbon

double-sided foam tape
double-sided tape
masking tape

water spritzer
manual die-cutting machine and plates

1. Tape your card blank to a clipboard using the tape to create a frame
around the outer edges and to prevent the card from warping when wet.

2. Squeeze a drop of ink from the Teacup Sparkle Brush Pen onto a pallet
and spritz with water. Using a paintbrush or a plastic baggie, pick up the
colour and daub it onto the card blank, leaving a circular space empty in
the middle. Dry with a hairdryer or heat tool.

3. Repeat step two with the Moonlight Sparkle Brush Pen, concentrating the
colour in the empty middle of the card.

4. Finally, splatter on some gold metallic. Dry with a hairdryer or heat tool.

5. Once your card blank is completely dry, remove it from the clipboard and
use double-sided tape to add a horizontal strip of blue ribbon about a
third of the way up.

6. Next, tape a piece of mixed media paper to your clipboard and spritz with
water. Sprinkle on the Nuvo Shimmer Powder in Solar flare and spread it
about with a paintbrush. While it is still wet, add a small sprinkle of
Catherine Wheel, using your paintbrush to help it mingle with the Solar
Flare. Dry with a hairdryer or heat tool.

7. Once, the yellow card is dry, use the Moonlight Sparkle Brush Pen to paint
on a swirl, starting in the middle and working outward.

8. Once this is dry, stamp your sentiment and image in a warm colour such
as Vermillion.

9. Remove this piece from the clipboard and die-cut a circle out of it.
10. Lastly, mount the circular sentiment piece in the centre of the card, using
3D double-sided foam tape.

And that’s it. I think this card would brighten anyone’s day!

Until next time, happy crafting!

Natalie x