We have a brand new website!

Hi guys, it’s Loti Maria here.

I am so sorry I have been super quiet, but I’ve been kinda busy restocking the shop after the amazing 7 sell outs we had on Hochanda! I was complete overwhelmed so thank you so much to the team at Hochanda and all you lovely viewers who watched and bought.

So what’s next? Well, welcome to our brand new website! www.mamamakesstore.co.uk is everything I wanted and more, a huge thanks to Stacey from SLS Creative for helping me out with it.

Also a huge welcome to Chrly who is our brand new designer! Her first stamp set range launches in 20 minutes and I’m so excited for her! She’s such a talented artist and you can read more about her here, and view her range here.

I hope you enjoy the blog, the design team are hopefully gonna help me with some fab techniques and project tutorials to keep you all inspired!

Happy crafting!

Mama x