Valentines Gifts

Easter might seem right around the corner this year with creme eggs popping up everywhere, but everyone knows first of all we celebrate our loved ones with good ol’ Valentines day.

Valentines Day can be tough, especially since it only seems like 2 weeks ago we were stressing about what to get our significant other for Christmas.. so here’s some top tips for treating your beloved.



il_570xN.777068187_7x50Now it may seem a cliche, but jewellery really does go down a treat when telling someone you love them.  I love personalised jewellery and MignonandMignon on Etsy have just the answer. They do personalised co-ordinates jewellery which is very popular at the
moment. The co-ordinates can be perhaps your favourite place, place you got married, engaged or maybe the place where you had your first date. Such a sweet idea for both women and men as NadinGlassico on Etsy do a man’s bracelet with co-ordinates engraved.


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 17.15.51


Technology is always a good choice, especially for the men. Whether it’s their favourite new video game or maybe a new gadget that they’ve been raving about. I found some great Panasonic cameras from their Lumix range right here. Their DSLM Lumix Compact System Camera range allows anyone to look like a professional with their 20 megapixel sensors and 4k video capabilities. Perfect for getting the perfect snap of your family, especially if you’re a couple with children who are changing everyday! Totally unisex and maybe you could get the stunning photographs you’ve taken printed and start on a scrapbook for the year!


Yummy Stuff

The christmas chocolate supply is long gone, so it’s time to replenish with some sweet treats right? Never scrimp on chocolates, they will always know in the first taste! I recommend Hotel Chocolat as their chocolate is totally incredible. They have a valentines day section on their website and cater to all price ranges and tastes. You can’t go wrong!

DKNY-Eau de parfum for her-763511009800-Be Delicious


Now I think it’s quite sexy to buy someone a fragrance, I don’t know why, it just is! My favourite place to buy fragrances is at The Perfume Shop as they have a great range at very affordable prices for both men and women. My personal favourite is DKNY Be Delicious, I wear this nearly everyday!



Now for some Don’t’s on Valentines Day..

  • Don’t buy teddy bears or soft toys.. they’re cute but we don’t know what to do with them.
  • Only buy underwear if you know for certain what size we are. Sitting at work with a wedgy just because you had a rough guess isn’t a great feeling.
  • Don’t buy bath stuff, christmas has just been and we definitely haven’t got through all the Soap and Glory yet!
  • Don’t just say ‘I’ll buy you a meal’ ..the restaurant is going to be packed! If it’s what you’ve agreed on then at least go the weekend before or in the week after.

Of course don’t forget, the best gifts are handmade!

Good luck and enjoy!