Tips on Planning Creatively!

Hi! Katie here…

Have you seen planners on Instagram and thought “I need some of that in my life”? Have you seen aesthetically pleasing pictures in Facebook groups and though I don’t know where to start? Well this is the post for you.

I have been Creative planning for 3 years and find it a great way to express myself visually and get organised for the week. When I first looked into planning I went to Etsy and filled my cart with ‘all the things’. I then realised I needed to remortgage my house and I needed to think strategically.

Here are a few tips.

1. Don’t buy all of the things straight away!
Buy key things x a set of day of the week stamps, a few nice pens of different colours and a few stickers; maybe a pretty kit or two and some icons.

2. Printable
Decide your size by printing out some inserts from Pinterest. There are so many sizes and investing in your first planner and then finding out it is too big or too small can be a costly mistake. Live with your printable for a couple of weeks and see if you like it.

Also start thi;king about how you think…. are you a horizontal thinker or a vertical thinker? Me? I’m a vertical, I love to list and see time in my mind in that way.

3. Instagram and YouTube
Follow some planner accounts on Instagram and YouTube and copy what they do for a bit. You can then see if certain systems work for you and what stickers or stamps work best for you.

4. Try this way for a month – seriously. Live with it for a bit.

5. Then invest. Do your research, join some Facebook groups and find the planner of your dreams……. for now! I’m sure you’ll switch it up!

Hope this helps! You can check out more of my layouts on Instagram, I’m @KatieTeagePlans and there’s some on @MamaMakesBlog too!

Katie x