Time for a picnic!

Hey Crafty People! Are you loving this summer? I am!

Ever since I moved away to go to university (6 years ago now!) I have been keen to learn how to sew. I just think it’s a fantastic life skill to have as well as a wonderful, creative hobby. I’ll never forget my first day at my Halls of Residence at university, I unpacked my sewing machine before unpacking my clothes!

Anyway, during my pregnancy and such I tried my hand at sewing some absolutely rubbish things that I didn’t even bother posting about, however since joining Hochanda I have become a little braver and decided to try one of the kits from Aly, from Aly’s Stitchy Fingers, who you might have seen at Hochanda. I work with her a lot and she is a lovely lady! She set me the challenge of making a picnic bag..

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 15.33.20


Now one thing I used to dread is the cutting out and following instructions. I am proper rubbish at maths and I always manage to get mixed up! Somehow I pulled this off and Aly’s templates helped a treat.

There was a lot of sewing involved and a lot of new skills learned including inserting a zip, working with insulated lining and making working lids and handles! It took me the whole weekend (I have a toddler running around interrupting me remember!) but I managed to pull it off and make this!




It is fully working, fully lined and fully gorgeous! I love the fabric here and it’s my favourite colour! I’m not a camper person but I really love the cute camper van look on all things crafty these days, it seems to be really on trend.

Now if I can do it, you definitely can! Get your machine out and check out Aly’s kits over on her website or on Hochanda.

Happy sewing!