Technique: Masking with Stamps by Alison

Hi all,
Loti Maria is on her honeymoon in the USA so it’s Alison here doing a blog take over! I’m part of Team Mama, the Mama Makes design team and I thought I’d bring you a quick technique I have used with the ‘Cake and Friends’ stamp set. This is a masking technique so you can go from one cake to a whole bakery of cakes in just a few steps…

1. Stamp the image, that you want at the front, on the topper.

2. Stamp again either on stamping mask sheet or on a post-it. If using a post it ensure part of the image is where the sticky strip is.

3. Cut out the image from the mask, ensuring you cut right up to the image.

4. Place the mask over the image on the topper.

5. Stamp the second image slightly higher than the original image. Allow the second image to overlap the original. Press down well where they overlap.

6. Remove masks when ink has had time to dry.

And here it is! An easy way of building up a scene with the Mama Makes Cake and Friends stamps. The same can be done with the presents from Cosy Christmas…

As you can see this technique is so versatile and I hope you enjoy using masking sheets! Don’t forget to share your Makes on our Facebook page ‘Mama Makes’ or tag us on Instagram @MamaMakesStore

If you have questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Have a great week!

Alison from Team Mama