Review: Drop Kitchen Scale

I have been eyeing it up for a while so I was delighted to open up the Drop Kitchen Scale on Christmas morning!


The Drop Kitchen Scale is not just your normal scale, it comes with a handy recipe app which is connected to a wonderful community of bakers. The scale connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and measures in real time, right down to a fraction of a teaspoon. You can either use it as just a scale and follow any recipe or follow the recipes on the app step by step, which is a fantastic unique cooking experience.

The scale itself is made from heat resistant silicone and is very sleek, wipes clean and is easy to store. There’s no cables, in fact the battery included lasts an entire year!


The thing that amazes me every time is the recipes app. If you’re following a recipe and come across an ingredient you don’t have or don’t have enough of, you can put the amount you do have and it will rework out the entire recipe to even out the ingredients or it’ll find a replacement ingredient. How clever!


It measures everything from sugar, to flour, milk and even a teaspoon of vanilla essence! Also if you even get stuck on any of the recipe instructions, you can play a short video and it will show you exactly what to do. When it’s time to cook, it will come up with a timer ticking down and even show you a picture of what the finished product should look like!


The best thing about the recipe app is it will never get old. There is a community on the app who are always adding new recipes and commenting on them to give you top tips for best results. You can be part of the community too by adding photos of your finished results! You can download the app and be part of the community without purchasing the scale by typing Drop into the App Store. If you’d like the scale for yourself, it’s available on Amazon, Lakeland and other high street retailers.

The Drop Kitchen Scale is one of the best gadgets in my kitchen and I will use it from now on every time I bake!