PLANTASTIC TUTORIAL: Forever Memories Planner Layout (by Sarah)

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m here to bring you your first does of Plantastic Tuesday! I love making layouts with Mama Makes stamps and this one is made with the Forever Memories set. Enjoy!



I started this week by masking off three sections per day (7 squares by 9 squares) Monday to Friday then two larger sections for Saturday and Sunday (7 squares by 16 squares) once these have been masked with post it notes I chose my colour pallet. I’ve gone for a more vibrant theme in the hope it may cheer the weather up – and if not my pages at least are cheery.

I’ve used finger dobbers to colour the pages, just let yourself experiment and place colours where you think will look best there are no wrong ways to do this just occasional happy accidents. Once complete I take a larger blending tool and a nice gold ink and blend the colours the dobber affect still shows through the shimmer of the gold and it just looks so fresh and pretty.


I’ve then used the decorative elements from the Forever Memories stamp set and placed them onto a small stamping block.


With black ink I stamp them to cover the entire pages in a jaunty fashion. Once the pages are full I remove the masks and reveal your work of art. To finish the look off I’ve used the Weekly Wonderfulness bold days and my week is complete. I will use the three boxes for morning, afternoon and evening tasks. I can’t wait to get started on filling this week out. I hope you give this technique a go and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Much love Sarah xx