Plan with me with stamps – Katharine Burchell

Plan with me – using Mama Makes Stamp


Today I will be showing you how I planned my page, mainly with stamps! Stamps are great and versatile. You can have that amazing image over and over again, without it running out! For this spread I used mainly Mama Makes Planner girl stamps, which are designed by Loti herself and illustrated by Tracey Hey. And used my Cambs Planner con stickers too!

Supplies –

  1. Washi tape – I used MT tape that matched my stickers
  2. Stamp pad – Distress oxides
  3. Stamps – Mama Makes Planner Girl, Plantastic boxes – swirls, Splodge, Part of the dance, Always Believe
  4. Planner!
  5. Stickers

I use a Happy Planner as my Planner, I really love how easy it is to use it and decorate, esp if you have loads of blanks spaces that need filling with something! I always take my pages out as it makes it easier to stamp on and in case the stickers on the page behind make stamping uharder. I started by colour matching my washi with my stickers for Cambs Planner Con.

I start by decorating Saturday as that easy to start with, as that can be filled with stickers and stamps, as I’ll be attending Cambs Planner Con! Last years was really good and I made some lovely friends at my first ever meet.

I didn’t really like that I had stamped the girls face over the washi, so I did end up removing it. But she still looked liked she was wearing a mask. So now she’s a ninja Planner addict!

I then started at the beginning of the week, filling in each day. My daughter is so not going to be impressed that she has to go back to school a day earlier than her brother!

I like to stamp a quote on the first day of the week, not much happens on a Monday that needs all 3 boxes. So I used the Mama Makes Splodge plantastic box for the back ground and then put a quote on top! I stamped the splodge on a piece of paper first, to get rid of some of the excess ink.

I used the tea bag from the Cake and Friends set. My friend and I love tea! I don’t actually use the coloured spots in the end, decided they didn’t look right and out of place on my page. I coloured my tea bag in with colouring pencils.

I coloured in the Planner and girl stamp, then added a green splodge and stamped a quote over the top to add some more colour. And then added the swirl hearts stamp to the top and bottom boxes. I’m super excited for the weekend and can’t wait to see some of my friends again.

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