My First Time Enamelling!

Hey guys, In my new job at Hochanda I have learnt so much, including a brand new hobby, enamelling!

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Fiona Jones, who works for Efcolor and had a great website and Facebook page called ‘Projects for Crafters’.

Traditional enamelling uses ground glass powders which have to be fired in a kiln at temperatures usually between 750-850ºC making it a very expensive hobby to get started in. However Fiona brings Efcolor to Hochanda who sell resin based powders which only need to be heated to 150ºC to fuse and bond with the surface thus making it possible to fire them in an ordinary kitchen oven. This makes it a much more affordable hobby for anyone to try. Anything that can withstand 150ºC can be enamelled on e.g. metal, glass, wood, stone, ceramics, chipboard, papier mache etc, and it’s so much fun!

I made a little door plaque for Charlie’s birthday..

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 15.08.44

Isn’t it cute? I love every minute of making it, it’s so easy and you can get so creative!

You can see more inspiration on Fiona’s website Projects 4 Crafters or join the community on Facebook. If you’d love to get started, there’s a great starter kit on Hochanda’s website.

Happy enamelling!