Mother’s Day Floral card – Anne Richardson

Mother’s Day Floral card

Mama X Charlotte floral square stamp
Black card
Patterned paper
Black ink
Alphabet dies
Black fineline pen
Copic pens or similar

Step 1;
Stamp the floral square onto a piece of patterned paper masking off one side

Step 2;
Turn the paper around and stamp the other side to elongate it lining up the inner edge.
Tip – it’s quite tricky to line up exactly so I find it easier to leave a tiny gap and fill in with a black pen than have a messy overlap

Step 3;
Cut out the word MUM from the centre and also cut another 3 sets of letters from black card

Step 4;
Stick the letters together with the patterned piece on top

Step 5;
Trim the patterned paper and stick onto a black base card

Step 6;
Fit the letters back into the corresponding holes gluing in place. Tidy up the overlap area with a fine black pen if necessary

Step 7;
Add some colour to the flowers, I kept this monochrome but you could add more colour for a different look. Finish with some sequins.