Mama Makes 1st Birthday Workshop – Sarah Scott

This weekend I attended the Mama Makes 1st Birthday workshop and I had a blast. I learn so many tips and tricks and new techniques. I like to class my self as a fairly good stamper but inks always confuse me ? luckily Loti did a 101 of ink so we all knew what to use and when.

Out of all the techniques we tried this one was my favourite so I thought it would make a great spread and a good choice for this blog.

I started with a sheet of acetate to smear my inks on to. I didn’t have any of the oxide inks so I’ve just used distress ink here. I smeared all four colours onto the acetate then sprits with water.


I’ve placed my entire journal on top of it and pressed all over to soak up the ink. I’ve used a heat gun to quickly dry the pages. Once this was done I’ve split the pages into 8 equal boxes.


I’ve used the new large w large days of the weeks stamps to mark the week and the to do box. To add some extra detail I have also used the new coffee stain stamp in the corner.


This technique was quick and easy but looks very good, also using different colours next time means I can have a new week that will look totally different.


Sarah Scott