Home Decor – Decoupage Drama

Tonight I decided to try and attempt Decoupage! Well, I say attempt because I tried decoupage on a polystyrene heart at a craft show, and it was a icky sticky mess.. But I thought I’d give it a second go in the privacy of my own craft room!


A big thank you to Lisa Horton from Creative Expressions who gave me some lovely MDF pieces to help me get started! (If you like them, they’re available to buy here!)

All I needed in addition to this was:
– Decoupage papers: I used a sheet from¬†ViviGade’s ‘Skagen’ collection here
– Decoupage glue: I decided to use an all purpose Matt, which worked a treat!
– Brushes: Good quality brushes with long handles! Mine are ‘Nature Line’ I used size 12 for this entire project.

The papers were a dream to work with, they bent around the edges really crisp and made it look professional. Apparently most people use too much glue when they decoupage, so I laid just a thin layer down on the MDF, laid the paper down and then put down another thin layer of glue over the top.

Also, I was really surprised how far the decoupage papers went. I was a bit unsure if I had bought enough paper for the projects I had in mind, but this project didn’t even use an entire sheet! …which is fab because I adore this pattern! I’m getting a Cath Kidston/Laura Ashley feel..

I’m actually really chuffed with the finished piece!


So don’t be scared of decoupage folks! Give it a go!