Happy Pancake Day!

Hi guys, happy Pancake day!

Here in our home we always get loads of friends together for pancakes, I love getting creative in the kitchen, especially now my little one is growing fast and can help!

We found some great toppings this year.. and some fruit too!

Anyway I thought I would post a really quick and easy pancake recipe for you all!

All you need is:

300ml of Milk

200g of Plain Flour

4 Eggs

Whisk this together until you have a smooth batter and there you got ready for a pan.

Before pouring the batter into the frying pan, make sure the pan is hot and oiled up, preferably with one of those spray low calorie oils.

Pour in the batter slowly, you don’t want your pancake to be too thick and ended up like a naan bread!

Wait until the pancake has no wet bits on the top and prepare to flip! Or if you’re not feeling brave, maybe get a super wide spatula to help you flip!

And viola! Pancakes ready to serve, spread and slice!

What do you love your pancakes with? I love chocolatey goodness, my brother loves fruitiness and my partner lived good ol’ fashioned sugar and lemon!

Enjoy your pancakes everyone!