Fun with Washi Tape

Bank holiday weekend is here and I am off and thought I would get some crafting in! Last week I bought some Trimcraft Christmas Washi Tape from ‘The Range’ to experiment with as I have never used it before!

Turns out as long as you have something to decorate it’s not difficult to make some truly lovely and very homemade looking.

I decorated a candle first and luckily the tape is very forgiving and peels off easily for you to have a few attempts. It has a masking tape feel to it but a nice adhesive that will stick to almost anything I think, I haven’t found anything it won’t stick to yet!

I moved into a kraft card box which had come with some jewellery I got a while ago. What a transformation! I can’t wait to give this box to a lucky loved one this Christmas.

I can’t express how easy this is and what a great professional touch it gives to any item. Go wild with some Washi!