Fun shrink plastic necklace- Claire Dennis

To make this simple, statement necklace you will need:

Mama makes light box stamp set, stayzon black ink pad, anti-static bag, Shrink plastic, your chosen length of chain, lobster clasp and 4 jump rings.

Start by dusting your Shrink plastic with your anti-static bag ready to stamp on. Ink up your lightbox stamp well and stamp firmly on the plastic. Lay out your design using the spacer stamp to seperate the letters (the necklace was made for the big mama herself, but you could make it for a birthday age, a personal nickname or an inspiring quote), and carefully stamp out your design between the spacers.

Be sure to punch a whole in each corner now before we Shrink it! It helps to use your pokey tool in one of the holes to hold it down, then blast with your heat tool (or pop it into the oven as per instructions if you don’t have a heat tool). It should curl up at first, then settle back flat again when it’s finished shrinking. Give it a little clean when it’s cooled down and hardened to dust off any anti-static powder left on the plastic.

Measure out a length of chain round your neck to line up where you would like the lightbox to hang to, and cut. Then cut this length in half. Attach a jump ring to one half and the lobster clasp to the other half using another jump ring and clip the two halves together to make the next step a bit easier. Attach another jump ring to each end of the chain, and place these through the holes you punched into the lightbox and close up the jump rings again.

And your necklace is complete! Now you get to enjoy wearing it, along with all the complements you are sure to receive.”

Many thanks
Claire Dennis