Decoupage letter – Claire Dennis

Decoupage letter – Claire Dennis 


Things you’ll need: Your choice of cardboard letter, decoupage paper, decoupage glue, old paintbrush, white card, black ink pad, gilding wax, sparkle pens, 3D silicone glue and Mama Makes stamps.


First off you need to cover your chosen letter. Add a layer of decoupage glue with an old paintbrush, layer the decoupage paper over the top and smooth out any creases, then paint another layer of glue over the top of the paper. This helps to smooth out any more creases and creates a varnish over the top layer to protect the paper. Put this to one side to dry while you work on the decoration.


Using your black ink pad, stamp out the three different sizes of hexagon in a flower shape (one hexagon in the centre, then line up a hexagon on each straight side). It helps to have a clear stamp block here to ensure you line up the shapes well. Stamp 4 extra hexagons of the largest size and stamp your chosen sentiments in these, then stamp a few of the border stamp to create your sprays when you assemble the flower. Colour all these in using your sparkle pens in complimenting colours to the decoupage paper you have used (you could use your choice of colouring pens or pencils here if you prefer!). Cut out all your shapes making sure to remember to cut between each ‘petal’ to separate them from each other. Shape each ‘petal’ using your fingers, scrunching and curling them up to add creases and texture. Use your 3D glue to mount each flower shape, starting with the largest, on top of each other offsetting them as you go so each petal sits inbetween the last to give more depth. Add your sentiment petals and sprays in now and adjust to your own design.


Your letter should be dry by now, so take your gilding wax and rub a little along every edge of the shape to make them more defined and do the same with your flower design (I also added this to the backs to finish it off, but if the back of your letter won’t be seen, you don’t have to). Using the border stamps, stamp a few designs over your letter to tie it in with the flower your have created.


Once you’re happy with your designs, all you need to do is glue your flower onto the letter and your decorative piece is complete!


Hang up on the wall or a door, or place on a bookshelf or windowsill. A beautiful design wherever you choose to display it.