Cute Christmas Lantern – Claire Dennis

Cute Christmas Lantern.

This little lantern is a great quick make for Christmas for a last minute present or a nice decoration for the fireplace.

You will need:
Red mirror card
White vellum or parchment
Mama Makes Winter Bella stamp set
Black ink pad
Colouring pencils
Strong glue or tape
Scissors or craft knife

On the back of your mirror card, measure and draw out four squares in a row joined together then add another square joined underneath one of the squares in the row. Draw an extra tab at one end of the row, and tabs on the 3 open sides of the extra square. Inside the 4 squares in a row, measure out and draw a smaller square inside to create an apature in each one. Cut these inner squares out, then cut round the edge of the entire shape and put to one side.

Stamp out your designs onto the vellum or parchment, and colour them in. Cut these out to the same size of your squares and stick into each window, lining up your designs to the apatures you have cut out.

Fold along the join of each square and tabs, then gather together to create your lantern shape. Be sure to use a good strong glue or tape as you don’t want it popping back open again.

Place a battery powered tealight inside and enjoy the lovely Christmas glow!