Can you sew a button on?

Hey guys! I hope you’re cuddled up warm somewhere with all this snow madness…

Hobbycraft released a press release today that I found really interesting. According to research, one in five people in the UK cannot sew a button on. Can you?

They said “Nearly half of those aged 44-54 were taught at school to sew a button on compared to just a third of those aged 25-34, revealing the generation knowledge gap when it comes to sewing. Specifically, 31% of those aged 18-24 cannot sew on a button compared to just 5% of those aged over 55. Women are on top when it comes to sewing with nine in ten women in the UK able to sew on a button compared to just three quarters of men.”

To help with this, Janet Ellis who is a former Blue Peter presenter is supporting the report and campaign that will see Hobbycraft give free buttons to primary schools to get kids sewing. How cool is that?!

Do you know how to sew?Have you taught your children to sew? I’d love to know in the comments!

Happy snow day..

Loti Maria x