A Note From Loti: Why I Take Photographs ALL THE TIME.


Before you ask, yes I’m still pregnant, yes I have 10 days left, yes I’m still working on Christmas 2019 stamps! I love designing so much, it’s my escape and I’m so relaxed now I’ve left full time work for maternity (TV producing on 12 hour shifts) and can concentrate more on Mama Makes. So many people tell me everyday to take it easy, but this is me taking it easy!

Anyway, after seeing my Facebook memories today, I thought it was important to write a blog post about why I take photographs all the time. One of my favourite sayings is ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’ and boy isn’t it true. Nowadays we are so blessed to have our photographs backed up to the internet and we have some incredible cameras on our phones which we never let go of.

If you know me quite well, you’ll know that on nights out, meals and days out there will more than likely be a photograph taken of you, by me. In fact when we went to Brussels, my travel buddy Katharine (who you’ll know from design team posts) said how lovely it was to actually have photographs of her!

I briefly mentioned in my previous personal post that I had chronic fatigue, something I was diagnosed with in 2011 and I had some incredible care at Wareham Hospital back then so I know how to manage it and not let it win. Probably why I’m such a workaholic, desperate to not let it take over. However, it does affect my memory quite a lot, so photographs are important to jog my memories a little.

This is not the only reason I take photographs and love memory keeping and today on my Facebook memories I came across a huge reminder of why documenting just everyday life is so important.

10 years ago my nieces and nephews were taken by the social services. Long story short, my sister had been abused by her husband for years and they got involved. I remember this day so well, taking the kids to the park while my sister and my dad were in court fighting for the children. For a long time these were the only photographs we had of them as they were in care, however the youngest boy was adopted, so these are actually the last pictures we took of him. Now they’re grown up we get to see the older children but the youngest boy we only get a letter from him every year and I have no idea what he looks like now.

So yeah. Taking photographs might be cringe and admittedly yes we take some photos ‘for the ‘gram!’ but you just never know when that moment, might become your most precious memory.

Do you scrapbook and love memory keeping? Let me know in the comments.

Love always, Loti x

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