15 Minute Apron!


So you might have seen Leonie on Hochanda in a brand new apron. I made it for her, for her birthday last week!


Now I promised you all a tutorial, so here’s a tutorial for an apron you can whip up in just 15 minutes! All you’ll need is a metre of fabric!

First of all, measure…

– From the collar down to knees (length of the apron)
– Around the hips from side to side (width of the apron)
– Inside arm to inside arm (width of top of apron)
– From collar to waist (from top of apron to straps)

The back straps should both be around 4 cm (1.5″) longer than the width of the apron. Then finally for the neck strap, just use a tape measure to find a comfortable length around the neck.

First of all, fold your fabric in half then measure in from the fold at the top HALF of the inside arm to inside arm measurement, then measure down from the top edge of the longer side of the fabric – on the open edges. Mark the two points and then draw a curve joining the two points up.
Next, give it a neat edge! Turn the edge of the apron over and sew around the entire thing, being super careful around the curves.
Strap time! Make the straps by folding each side to the middle and then half again before top stitching to hold it together. Do this for all 3 straps.
Next, attach the straps to your apron and press. Make sure you sew over the same spot a few times to keep it secure.
Viola! A complete apron. Happy messy crafting in your new apron!