Hey guys! Long time no post but I feel like it’s important, especially since it’s international women’s day and I know so many strong women who are running small businesses from home.

When running a small business it’s so important to have great internet. Without it I wouldn’t be able to upload products onto my website, never mind promote on social media and process orders. It’s actually quite frightening how much we rely on the internet! I get so frustrated when internet isn’t instant. It’s weird isn’t it? We grew up with the slowest internet ever, waiting ages for videos and music to load, when did we lose our patience? Haha!

Not only that, I’m a mum so keeping my son and husband quiet with the popular streaming services at the same time. My son is even worse when things don’t load instantly because he has been brought into the world at such a time of advanced technology. In fact, this weekend I’ve had to give him a TV ban because he was getting so back chatty and nasty after being spoilt by the internet. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I think the worst thing about slow internet is knowing full well you pay so much for it and it’s not performing in the way that you need it to. It’s always when you’re in a rush too isn’t it? Sometimes I’ll be sending over artwork before going to my ‘real job’ and it’ll make me later because it’s uploading at snails pace. Incredibly frustrating.

Anyway? What am I getting at here?!

Lately I came across a broadband comparison website which allows me to check broadband in my area and make sure I’m getting the best I can. It’s really easy, you just pop in your postcode into the top and click check my area. I found some great deals for me and my family, where my husband would be happy with the speed but I would be happy with the price! With our new little one coming soon, we really need to keep our costs down to help when we are feeding two little boys!

I really found this helpful when searching for a new broadband deal. My current provider has just sent me some ‘new offers’ as my contract is about to expire, but I wasn’t too impressed considering I have been a loyal customer for so long. My husband actually called them but they weren’t too helpful. Have you ever had this? I really recommend comparison websites to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Hope this helps!