A Note from Loti: Balancing Everything

Hi guys!

So I’ve decided to make this blog a little more personal as well as inspirational because I think it’s so easy to see a business from the outside but how about what’s going on inside? Maybe it’ll be interesting. Let me know in the comments!

As most of you know, I’m Loti, I founded Mama Makes in 2017 and from tomorrow I’m 37 weeks pregnant! I’m adding another boy to my collection as I currently have Charlie, who will be 6 in July, and Esteban who has been my husband since 2017.

Had a pretty awful week catching up with everything. Even though Brussels was incredible and it was so good to be in a little bubble for a few days, coming back to a world of emails and invoices for Mama Makes and then 2 long tiring 12 hour shifts wasn’t pleasant. Now after visiting the midwife today I have to go for an emergency scan this afternoon to check everything is okay. So I’m sorry if you feel let down by my lack of replies and unresponsiveness. Obviously being this heavily pregnant with chronic fatigue isn’t an easy ride and I appreciate everyone’s amazing support. 

I’ll keep this blog up to date with more personal things and see how it goes down, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the behind the scenes stuff as well as being inspired by my amazing design team.

Loti x